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Topic: market research

The Story of the Green Hat: Avoiding Cultural Pitfalls in China

March 12, 2012

Marketing textbooks are littered with examples of American companies rolling out their products in foreign markets with little regard for seemingly “basic” cultural norms and language. Who, after all, hasn’t read about the Chevy Nova in Mexico? While this urban legend has since been debunked, it holds as an apt metaphor. A widely selling car in the US in the 1960s and 70s, a myth grew that consumers in Spanish-speaking countries wouldn’t buy the Nova because “no va” in Spanish means “it doesn’t go”. With regards to China, I like to call this The Story of the Green Hat.

Topics: global markets, market research
Green Hat

Listening With Your Eyes | TedxUCincinnati

June 6, 2016

Sean Connell speaks on principals he developed over the years that lead to deeper cultural understanding and cognitive empathy in the context of international market research. But these principals can be valuable for anyone who travels frequently, works on global teams, works or studies with people from other countries, and even those with an interest in international affairs. So grab cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy 17 minutes of “Listening With Your Eyes”.

Topics: market research, marketing and advertising, marketing communications
Sean Connell | TedxUCincinnati