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Case Studies


Global Portfolio Positioning in Diagnostics


The situation

A global player in diagnostics had a core lab portfolio inclusive of multiple brands and conflicting brand positions. They wanted to create a cohesive and unified global brand, that would appeal to all of their diverse customer types, but also allow them to go to market as a complete core lab solution instead of pieces and parts.

The complication

Our client was serving diverse customer types such as Core Lab Directors, Payers, and Healthcare System Executives. We knew we had to understand the needs of each customer type but also find common ground across them in order to get to one unified brand positioning.

The answer

In-depth global qualitative interviews with each customer type helped us to understand their needs and aspirations as well as their relationship with the client’s current Core Lab portfolio. We were then able to visually map the common ground across audiences as well as the critical differences to inform a new global brand positioning.

How it powered results

The updated global brand positioning allowed the company to redefine itself as a one stop shop for core labs, and laid the ground work for the strategic implementation and activation of the new brand.