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Case Studies


Infectious Disease Patient Segmentation


The situation

A global pharmaceutical company was preparing for a significant launch in Hepatitis C therapy. They wanted to better understand the Hepatitis C patient universe so that they could prioritize their launch spending on the highest potential patient segments.

The complication

We knew that we would need to understand both patients who had previously been diagnosed and those who had put themselves at risk at some point in their lives, but may remain undiagnosed. Helping the latter group to even understand their risk was a key recruiting and screening challenge.

The answer

Our research approach included an incidence check and a multi-layered screener to more accurately assess the split of the universe across diagnosed and ‘at risk’ populations. We then created a comprehensive quantitative segmentation approach leveraging that learning and inclusive of patient needs, physician behavior, and engagement (past and current) and attitudes about their health overall and Hepatitis C, specifically. Two segments revealed themselves as near-term priorities.

How it powered results

Client team prioritized the recommended target segments and built their launch plan around our profiling and activation insights to inform a successful marketplace launch.