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Case Studies


Outerwear Global Brand Positioning


The situation

A global apparel company was known as a leader in best-in-class ski equipment, but they wanted to expand their brand positioning to include their lines of outdoor and extreme weather apparel.

The complication

We knew the insight challenge would be finding a way to broaden the brand’s promise without watering down or losing their strong heritage and strength in the skiing category. How would the needs, expectations, and pain points of the mountain climber, hiker, and similar adrenaline junkies compare to their core prestige skier customer?

The answer

Getting into the “moment” with these customers was the key to understanding how to expand the brand appeal. We recommended ‘on the mountain’ ethnography in 4 key regions of the world so that we could intercept climbers and hikers ‘in situ’ and also understand how topography differences shaped their needs. We asked them about their experiences, needs, and the influences shaping their decisions in gear. We compared these insights with existing knowledge of the skiing target, and developed expanded brand concepts which we tested globally.

How it powered results

The winning concept served as the foundation for the brand’s marketing going forward. It was built around a common need around ‘highest level performance’ that resonated with skiers, climbers and hikers, while staying true to the brand’s heritage as a best in class performer for skiers.