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Case Studies


Redefining the Customer Experience in Enterprise Software


The situation

A global leader in enterprise digital marketing solutions knew they were competitively vulnerable, because they were not helping customers realize the full degree of success necessary to justify the investment in their solutions. They engaged The Connell Group to help them deeply research customer needs, decision drivers and aspirations and to leverage that learning to articulate a future service experience that was more centered on driving customer success.

The complication

The client’s customer set was diverse both in terms of role (Chief Marketing Officer buyer, VP/Director influencer and analyst/end-user) and global region. Given wide variance in category maturity, we knew that understanding drivers of decision making by region, as well as role, would be crucial.

The answer

We facilitated a 2-day session to help the client team immerse themselves into the world of their CMO, VP/Director of Marketing, and end user customers. Hypotheses developed in the session were then taken into a global quantitative survey among the same audiences to understand digital marketing success, drivers of decision making, and their view of our client’s brand experience as well as the experience being delivered by competition.

How it powered results

We defined a customer experience vision that was grounded in the drivers, success aspirations, and relationships between customer types (for example, how an end user can influence ‘up’ to the CMO), which was thoughtfully analyzed by region to account for market maturity and competitive differences. Our analysis and recommendations informed an evolved value proposition for the Global Services group and supported new strategic activation imperatives for the business going forward.