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Case Studies


Target-Driven Positioning in Contraceptives


The situation

A global pharmaceutical company approached us when their new oral contraceptive was falling short of expectations in-market. They suspected that they were not yet clear enough on who the ideal target was for their drug.

The complication

The product had a unique and differentiating benefit of ‘fewer/4 periods a year’. We hypothesized that although this was a different benefit in a crowded market, it wouldn’t be for every woman and could even be a polarizing proposition. The client had tried to inoculate against this in launch advertising with in-depth technical explanations and safety reassurances, but it wasn’t working.

The answer

We knew we needed to start with qualitative and explore this on multiple dimensions with women. We expected that mindset and attitudes would count for a lot – perhaps more than age or life stage. We explored attitudes surrounding: her period, her fertility, her health and her mindset regarding sexual spontaneity. These insights were then leveraged in a comprehensive segmentation study which ultimately identified the ‘sweet spot’ target segment for the brand.

How it powered results

The segment was demographically diverse but held together with an empowering set of attitudes. She didn’t need to know technical explanations because she trusted her physician’s advice which allowed for a simpler, more focused message. Following target alignment, we worked with the client and their agency to evolve the brand positioning. The new strategy led to a disruptive new DTC campaign which drove substantial business growth for the brand.